why you need to visit essaouira

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When there’s a highlight on this first leg of the journey to the Atlantic coastal town of Essaouira, it is the stop at Sidi-Moktar, in which the highway from Agadir in the south joins the route to Marrakesh. Here a vast plaza is edged with cafĂ©s and full of trucks, buses, and taxis. The specialty is kefta–grilled, cumin-spiced meatballs, made from beef that can be selected in the adjacent butcher stalls and earth before your eyes as strolling carpet salesmen and shoeshine children vie for your attention.

Past Sidi-Moktar, low table hills start to appear on the horizon. As soon as you’ve crossed these, everything is different: green, hilly, and amazingly tidy. Shepherds–quite young boys, old men–dressed in hooded djellabas tend flocks of goats and sheep. Neat stone fences surround elegant olive groves.

Cows lie in areas of purple wildflowers. Shortly the sea comes into view, then a dazzling village of white cubic buildings with blue doors and doors, more Mykonos compared to Morocco. and if you’re loocking for a good taxi in essaouira call allotaxiessaouira In a roadside miss, camel drivers offer photo ops, but the best view is of the town itself, increasing alongside a huge crescent-shaped beach and a dazzling bay, dotted with the bright sea of windsurfers and the parachutes of kite boarders.

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